15/6/2021 18:01

In my organisation, salaries have big discrepancies amongst people with the same job title, even with the same amount of experience, your salary can have a 500EUR+ gross difference. I tried to have a salary increase after receiving great job appraisals, but was told there was either ‘no budget’ or ‘my job title is not changing so we cannot justify an increase’. This was despite my increase in responsibility and pointing out the unfair differences in salaries amongst my co-workers.

Basically I was told that I should have done a better job negotiating my salary when I started, because that is the salary I will be stuck with, irrespective of my work experience, my improved qualities and increased responsibilities on the job, or the fact that I have been working a few years for this organisation. It does not make sense, hypothetically speaking, that if I work for this organisation for 10 years, I will still receive the same salary as when I first started.

I have done many over hours (evenings, weekends, have been available on mobile), and could luckily recuperate them (after fighting for this) but not get paid.

Woman, 25-29 years old. Working in the Brussels NGO sector for 4-6 years