10/5/2020 21:32:22

I worked in a Parliamentary Forum on Sexual health. Most employees were bullied by the director, who had all the power in the organization.

I witnessed him yell at colleagues, and humiliate some of them. Some of the MPs from the network were also harassing the staff, either morally or sexually. Nothing has ever been done to prevent that.

During rush periods, we often had to work during weekends or at night. Even though we could recuperate our time, the working conditions were exhausting. To ask for a salary increase, you had to fill in a very long form and everyone knew that it would not be approved.

The only person who finally managed to get promoted had been in the organization for like 12 years…

The situation got worse since I left. I know that during COVID lockdown, I former colleagues, including a pregnant woman, were forced to go to the office even though it was not recommended by authorities.

Woman, 30-34 years old. Working in the Brussels NGO sector for 4-6 years