10/5/2020 16:43:44

I am currently on sick leave following a burnout and harassment case by one on the colleagues I am line managing.

The reasons for this burn out is that I have been working 2 jobs for almost 3 years, joggling this amount of work and pressure with à young disabled child.

Though my employer was aware of the situation at work and at home, nothing has been CONCRETELY done to protect me. The harassment case pushed me to the breaking point. And here too, though an internal enquiry has taken place, the perpetrator is still happily doing their same job… the overall work of HR, split between Brussels for the practicalities and abroad for “all the rest” plays a big part in this story.

The lack of investment to have teams staffed sufficiently to avoid unnecessary pressure on people is also sadly a root cause. I must say that the working two jobs situation has occurred as I have been promoted to manage the team whereas my old function has failed to be recruited.

Woman, 35-39 years old. Working in the Brussels NGO sector for 1-3 years